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Interview with Polish Railworkers leader

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Wojciech Figiel and Bojan Stanisławski of Polish Labour Notes speak to Leszek Miętek , the president of the Confederation of Railway Trade Unions.

Could you please tell our readers how the process of restructuring the Polish State Railways was done?

The railway company was functioning as one state company up to September 2000 when the commercialization, restructuring and privatisation of Polish State Railways law came into force. In accordance with this law Polish State Railways S.A. was created along with its subsidiaries. It was all about that PKP S.A. take over the railway debts and the whole burden of restructuring. The “sick mother” was supposed to give birth to healthy unindebted children. Let us add that this law lobbied for a foreign consulting company that gave advice in the privatisation process of British Railways. It was a fiasco. The British paid a lot of money for this re-nationalisation than they did in World War II.