What is Towards a New International Tendency?

It is a paradox that since capitalism plunged into a deep crisis in 2008 most Marxist groups have been plagued by conflicts and splits. We believe that this is because these groups have undemocratic internal regimes and a political conservatism that confines them to repeating old slogans in old-fashioned language. This is the heritage of the Stalinist domination of “Marxism” for more than six decades. When reality suddenly changes, these rigid organisations cannot deal with the new situation and crack up.

The TANIT project has been launched to break with this pattern. On the TANIT webpage and in the TANIT discussion forum the fundamental issues facing the working class today will be analysed carefully using Marxism as a method rather than a dogma. This is our most important task in the coming year.

This can lead to sharp discussions. That is not a bad thing, if the weapons used in the struggle for the truth are facts, logic, and intellectual persuasion. There will be no space for insults, innuendo, and personal prestige. Nor can we accept the papering over of differences and diplomacy. If there are two or more different lines on a topic, then they should be brought out into the open and everybody given a chance to participate in such a discussion.

At the Berlin conference of TANIT in August 2010 it was decided that the following topics should be prioritized in order to move towards a new international organisation.

  • The nature of the epoch
  • The transition to socialism
  • Work in the Labour Movement
  • Organizational culture and statutes

At our conference in Athens in November 2010 a timetable was set for the discussions. We will arrange another weekend conference in Stockholm 15-17 April 2011 and are aiming for a founding congress in Warsaw during the third week of August 2011.

Most of the initial core of TANIT are or have been members of the IMT (International Marxist Tendency). Gradually, more people from other backgrounds have been invited to join TANIT.

If the leadership of a group is interested in TANIT, they will only be allowed to join if they give all their members the opportunity of also participating in TANIT.

Joining TANIT means committing oneself to focusing on the prioritized discussion topics with the aim of trying to form a new international organisation. It also means committing oneself to following the rules of discussion.

TANIT is not just another left-wing website or discussion forum. It is a project to develop ideas that can form the basis for a modern Marxist organisation.

Welcome to TANIT!

At a meeting of the TANIT Coordinating Committee on 12 December, 2010, the spirit of this statement was unanimously agreed upon. However, it was also unanimously agreed that some formulations could be improved. The next meeting of the Coordinating Committee on 9 January, 2011, will decide about any proposed amendments.